The time planner enables you to quickly create time entries and to visually explore how time is billed at your firm.


To view different dates in the time planner, use the calendar on the left to select the date or date range that you'd like to view. You can use the left and right arrows above the calendar to switch to different months.

Today's date will be marked by a bold type. The days currently visible on your screen will be colored green. Underneath each day in the calendar is a bar indicating the total number of hours recorded for that day; a full bar represents a full 8 hours, whereas an empty gray dot represents no hours.

In the calendar above, it's easy to recognize that the 21st and the 22nd of September are lacking in hours; similarly, it makes sense that the weekends don't have any hours.

Creating entries

Note on viewing/modifying entries for others:

If you are an Operator, it's possible to create and view entries on behalf of others in your firm by choosing a Timekeeper in the dropdown below the calendar. The following methods will work in exactly the same way.

Click / click-drag

By far the easiest (and maybe most fun) way to create a time entry. Simply click and drag on a day to define the start and end time for your new entry. As an added convenience, the duration of your new entry is will be to the left of the end time marker. 

Entry by timer

We've finally brought the timing functionality over from the desktop tracker and put it right next to your planner. Timers created using the desktop tracker will appear in your sidebar. Simply press Start timer and get to work. Easy!

Start/stop timers by toggling them. When it comes time to describe what you've been working on, click on the timer name to give the timer a client/matter and description. 

You can optionally adjust the time on the timer if needed. 

Once you're done, click the save button next to the toggle and approve the entry.

Entry from tasks

Your list of tasks appears beneath the timers in the sidebar; you may need to scroll to reach them. Clicking on a task will allow you to create a new entry with the description already filled-in.

More to come

As we continue rolling-out these new features to more users, we'll be making changes and tweaks to further improve your experience. Let us know if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments; we're always open to criticism and new ideas!

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