Whether paying an expense directly from a client's trust account or returning funds to a Client, your firm will need to disperse the money from the trust account.  

This is done by writing a check out of the necessary Trust Account. Navigate to the Create tab, and select Check.

Use the same methods for producing a check in QuickBooks Online, but be mindful to the following:

  1. Cite who the check is being paid.  This would be the vendor when paying an invoice and the client when producing a client dispursement.
  2. Make sure the appropriate bank account is selected.
  3. Ensure that you have selected the proper client liability account. Remember, LeanLaw will establish this liability when you first setup the client's trust and make the initial deposit.
  4. Make sure you write a detailed description of the check.  This will be useful later when you produce a report or if you ever need to refer to the payment. 

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