Once a Client and Matter have been setup to handle Trust, you'll want to start tracking deposits for said Client. If you have not completed this already, follow this link.

This process only accounts for the deposit of a physical check/transaction, meaning that you'll still need to make the bank deposit. 

To start, navigate to your Billing page, and open the Trust Account tab. Below you'll find the Deposit Funds button, which initiates a second window.  

To create a Deposit, you'll need to select a Client, a Matter, and an Amount. The Source and Memo fields are included for your bookkeeping, are will be included in the QuickBooks transaction. 

If the Client already has an account open in LeanLaw, they'll be accessible in your main Trust Account page. By click on a Client, their specific account information can be accessed. This displays previous transactions, allows for direct deposits and payments, and reports. 

Once a deposit is recorded in LeanLaw, a couple transactions are created in QuickBooks. 

First, a new deposit is recorded in your Trust Account

Second, an increase is recorded in the Client's Liability Account

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