Note that this feature is enabled on a client by client basis - please contact us if you are interested in using this.

Transfer Matter Information to Equitrac

Go to Expenses, then find the "Equitrac Import" button below the expense filters. If you do not have this button, please contact LeanLaw.

Next, click on the "Export Matters" button. This will download a CSV file with matter ids and matter names to your local machine. This file can be uploaded to Equitrac so that the matters are available for expense tracking.

Import Expenses from Equitrac to LeanLaw

Export the expenses into a CSV file from your Equitrac system. Go to Expenses, then Equitrac Import in LeanLaw. Click "Choose file" to pick the CSV file and then click "Prepare for Import".

This will how the imported file and point out any issues. If there are issues (such as unknown matter ids), you have to fix them in the original CSV file and then click "Prepare for Import" again. 

Once you are happy with the data, scroll to the bottom and click "Next".

This shows the expenses that are to be imported, click "Import" to import them.

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