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Evergreen retainers are business arrangements with clients that requires a minimum balance in the client trust account. The minimum amount is reflected on invoices (in the trust memo), and in trust reports.

Setting Evergreen Amount

Go to a client or matter and go to the QuickBooks tab. The form on that page contains the evergreen amount which can be edited to any amount, or removed.

Trust Memo

Invoices for clients that have trust balances will include a "retainer information" section in the invoice memo field. The text that is included is different for clients that have an evergreen amount set. The text can be seen (or modified) under Settings > Trust Accounting, by clicking on the Evergreen tab:

The default notice is shown here and can be edited by clicking "Customize".

Trust Report

When an evergreen amount is defined for a client, another column with the amount will appear on the trust report:

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