“User Permissions” allows certain roles to be set to specific permissions or restrictions. The permissions are set by role (attorney, paralegal, etc) not individual users. This is a PRO feature. LeanLaw Core customers will have general permissions set as a default.

To get to “User Permissions” click on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner of the Lean Law screen. It will be found under “Firm Set-Up.” If you do not see the “Firm Set-Up,” then you do not have access to this feature and must consult someone within your firm who has access to make the changes needed.

To access the control options, click on “User Permissions.”

Once in the “User Permissions” screen, you will have the option to limit all access to an area such as “Time Entry” or to click on the arrow next to it and choose specific access limitations to that area.

The green “Save Changes” button will only appear when you make a selection. After completing selections, click on the “Save Changes” button.

For example, while “Time to Others” is checked under the “Time Entry” drop down, that user can enter time for any other user. When “Time to Others” is unchecked, that user can only enter time entries for themselves.

Similarly, clicking on the arrow next to any of the general permissions (Time Entry, Expenses, etc.) will give you a drop down with specific permissions for that heading.

The dash in the box shows that this is not a permission that is usually given to that user role. Checking the box gives the user this permission.

Expense Drop Down

Client and Matters Drop Down

Billing Drop Down

Trust Drop Down

Reports Drop Down

Revenue by Attorney and Period Reports are Lean Law Pro version options. All other reports are available for everyone.

The changes take effect the next time Lean Law is loaded either when the screen is refreshed or the user logs off and back on.

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