Goto Firm Settings and then Accounting Integration. Select Import Clients.  

  • A LeanLaw client is a QuickBooks Online Customer/Client.

  • A LeanLaw matter is what QuickBooks Online calls a sub-customer/client.

LeanLaw will read what customs are available to import into LeanLaw.  You can either check the top check box to import all clients or import select items by selecting the check box new the customer/sub-customers name.  Once selected, Leanlaw will create a client and matters within its application and link that client/matter activity to the QuickBooks Online customer/sub-customer.

To associate a QuickBooks client in LeanLaw, simply use the check box next to the client name. (see image two). Use the QuickBooks connector to either associate the QuickBooks client and/or sub-client with a LeanLaw client/matter. If a client or matter doesn’t exist in LeanLaw, you can create one.

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