Step 1:

In the top-right toolbar, under Welcome Your Name, select Settings.

Step 2:

Select the Users tab on the left-hand side

On the bottom-left of the page select the green Invite User button. 

Step 3:

Fill in the Invite User boxes and select Add User and Send Invite. Please note that the email address you enter is where the user will receive confirmation. 

Step 4:

The user will receive a verification email. They will need to open it, and click Join LeanLaw. Once clicked, they will be redirected to the LeanLaw site, where they will complete registration. 

Step 5

The user will be prompted to complete a setup similar to the initial setup, but only concerning their personal settings.

Step 6:

The LeanLaw Admin(istrator) of your firm can check the status of an invited user, manage permissions, delete users and change roles.

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