When adding new Users to the firm, or elevating status of a pre-existing partner, it is necessary to make some changes in LeanLaw.

To get started, navigate to the Settings tab. In the left-hand side of the screen, select Users.

Once in the Users page, you will see an overview of all users in the firm, their status, role, and their stage in the setup process.

Clicking on a user opens a widow displaying settings specific to the user: 

From here change a user's role, rate, access to settings, and their name. If you are upgrading a non-timekeeping user to a timekeeper role, please remember to contact our LeanLaw support staff to update your paid user subscription. 

A LeanLaw PRO feature called “User Permissions” allows certain roles to be set to specific permissions or restrictions. The permissions are set by role (attorney, paralegal, etc) not individual users. To check out an article on this feature click the link below.

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