Before tracking time in LeanLaw, you'll need to create Clients and Matters. 

Step 1:

Click on the Matters tab.

Step 2: 

In the top left of the window, select the green Create Matter button.


Step 3:

If a new Client needs to be created, click the “+” button next to the Client dropdown. 

Otherwise, select Client from the dropdown, and fill out the rest of the details concerning the Matter. 


Step 4:

Enter details for the new client. The Address is where the invoice will be sent if mailed. Email as is where the invoice will be delivered to the client from QuickBooks Online. (Please note that a Client will not appear in the Matters tab until it has a Matter associated with it.) Click Save Client.


Step 5:

Once a Client/Matter has been created, changes can be made by selecting the Gear icon at the end of entry. Changes can also be made by double-clicking the entry in spreadsheet view. 



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